Brittany Grantham

Pastry Director

Originally from the Raleigh area, Brittany always knew she had a passion for food. From a young age, she found herself constantly in the kitchen baking, using her younger siblings as willing test subjects to perfect her first recipes.  Brittany chose to attend Wake Technical Community College before transferring to the Chef’s Academy in Morrisville.  Her first restaurant industry job was as the café baker at Edible Arts.  During her time with this organization, part of her job was to attend various bridal shows.  Brittany always loved art, but knew she wasn’t a very great drawer or painter. However, seeing what different Pastry Chefs were able to do with sugar really opened her eyes to new ways to express her creativity.  During her senior year in school, she completed an externship at Ãn in Cary,NC where she worked her way up to Pastry Assistant within 3 months, working directly under Chef Steven Devereaux Greene, Chef Joshua Hughes, and Chef Franciso Almaguer.  At Ãn she was able to further develop the skills she learned in school, as well as play around with new techniques and flavor combinations.  In early Spring of 2017, Brittany joined the team at bu•ku and subsequently so•ca as the company’s Pastry Director, finally achieving her dream ambition of being able to create a dessert menu all her own.  Brittany constantly wows our guests here at so•ca with her inventive dishes, wild flavor combinations, and beautiful presentations.

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